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The truth about obesity and what you can do about it

Cable Beach Club Broome

24 Aug 2021 - 5-6 pm

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A free public lecture by experts in the field talking about obesity and modern day treatments

Join Dr Harsha Chandraratna and other obesity experts at the Cable Beach Club in Broome on 24 August 2021.

Why is it so hard to lose weight?

Webinar: Q&A with Dr Harsha

8 September 2021 - 7 pm

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WEBINAR: Q and A With Dr Harsha

Dr Harsha Chandraratna is one of the senior Bariatric Surgeons in Perth and his practice is set up to help people lose weight either with surgery, medication, diet, exercise or a combination of these things.

If you would like to take part in a Webinar and have the opportunity to ask questions and hear about some of the reasons why it is so hard to lose weight join us on the 7th July.

A Bariatric Evening for GPs (over dinner)

With A/Prof Harsha Chandraratna

Multiple dates
Bluewater Grill
56 Duncraig Road
Applecross Perth WA 6153

GP event obesity perth
GP Event

An evening to discuss Pathophysiology, Medical Management & Surgical Management of Obesity

A/Prof Chandraratna and his team will discuss the latest research and thinking around obesity and what management options are available. Also a great way to meet colleagues and discuss issues relevant to General Practice over a meal.

This is a recurring event and each dinner will have room for 10(ish) participants. Participants are encouraged to enrol their colleagues to allow a more vigorous discussion of experience, triumphs and tribulations.

To sign up, please visit our Eventbrite page.

About Obesity Surgery WA: Our 6 commitments

Taking surgery seriously

We know that entering into an operation is a big deal and we are very serious in getting the best outcome for you. We practice what is considered to be a world class standard. Our staff regularly attend national and international conferences and bring back what is the latest research and technology.

Running on time

Our Surgeons and all of our staff try their best to run on time. Although it's not always possible, our commitment is that we do our best. Your time is valuable and we respect that.

Readily available

Our surgeons (or at least one of them) are always available in a crisis. Some of them may provide you with a direct contact, but all are available through the hospital switchboard and happy to chat any time if there is a crisis.

An obsessive attention to detail

We do our best to not miss anything. Every stitch, every staple and every clip is applied to exactly where it needs to be with the greatest care possible.

Commitment to performing the best operation possible

Not all operations are the same and there a few extras that we do to make things better. We know that our results are better with the minimiser ring so we offer it to everyone. We know that reflux can be an issue so we try to tighten every oesophageal hiatus to make reflux control as good as possibly can be.

A commitment to new technologies

  • We have brought in STRETTA into Western Australia, which we believe will revolutionise reflux management. (Have a look at the Stretta page for more information).

  • SJOG Murdoch has just purchased a new DaVinci robot and we believe that this will allow us to do operations with keyhole surgery that previously needed a major laparotomy incision. Lynx is on the horizon and promises to also help manage reflux, we hope to have access to this in early 2020.

Meet our team

Dr. Harsha Chandraratna

Dr. Harsha Chandraratna

Consultant Surgeon

Harsha was made a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in 2001. He undertook post fellowship training in Perth and then in Leeds (UK) in Liver and Kidney Transplantation as well as Bariatric Surgery. He understands that there is more to surgery than just technical skills and hopefully that will become apparent to you when you meet him.
Dr. Bill Gong

Dr. Bill Gong

General and Laparoscopic Surgeon

Bill Gong is a specialist General Surgeon. He completed his training at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne and obtained his Fellowship with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in 2014. In 2016, Dr Gong commenced private practice at St. John of God Hospital, joining Associate Professor Harsha Chandraratna.