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Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding

More commonly referred to as Lap Banding, this is one of the safest operative procedures to help significantly obese individuals to lose the majority of their excess body weight. 

It also allows long term maintenance of weight loss.  It should not be considered a cosmetic procedure, but a prophylactic measure to prevent future weight gain.  It is a mechanism for the “at risk” obese individual to loose over 60 – 70% of their excess body weight and thus reduce the complications associated with obesity. 

This procedure is done laparoscopically. Four skin incisions ranging from 5mm to 15mm in length are made in the upper abdomen. During the operation, a tunnel is created behind the upper stomach and the band is anchored with sutures.  The reservoir is placed under one of the skin incisions. The average hospital stay is between one and two days. 

Advantages of the Gastric Band:

  1. No stomach stapling, cutting or intestinal re-routing
  2. Adjustable
  3. Reversible
  4. Low malnutrition risk

Disadvantages of the Gastric Band:

  1. Slightly slower initial weight loss
  2. Regular follow up is critical for optimal results
  3. Requires an implanted medical device
  4. In some cases, effectiveness can be reduced due to band slippage
  5. In some cases, an access port may leak and may require minor revisional surgery

Although during the first year after surgery, weight loss with gastric bypass is greater than with the gastric band, surgeons have reported that both procedures achieve comparable weight loss five years after surgery. 

Decision to Proceed with Bariatric Surgery

As healthcare providers, we will only proceed with surgery if we believe that you have made an informed decision. You should have an understanding of your obesity and the procedure involved. Also, you should also have realistic expectations of what the procedure can accomplish and are be aware of the risks involved.

We are committed to doing everything necessary to get the best possible results for you.  Also, a large commitment is required from you to achieve your goals, which means that you will have a responsibility to modifying your lifestyle, eating and exercise habits.

Your decision to proceed should only be made after careful consideration and discussion with your family. This decision could ultimately change your life in a very powerful and positive way.  However, you must be committed to work for this change.

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